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28 November 2023 à 11:10:12
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1  ZONES / Australia / Re: Nations Cup 7 & Stadium Team Championship 8 on: 09 September 2011 à 15:42:26
Well frost that is quiet interesting, seeing as ET didnt really announce or put forward that they were still gonna host tmnf NC7... NC was/is under the tm2 section, which is why i thought that it wasnt running, but i guess if we CAN get a team together that WILL race for the early mornings, you will see Australia/New Zealand back at NC Sourire

Thanks for the heads up Sourire


EDIT: well maybe if i looked under 5on5 league i might of seen it -.- woops haha

ALSO Can people post here if they are interested in doing NC this year? i know Oscarian is up for it, im up for it, and poke said he will be happy to captain, ill get onto the kiwi guys and see if any are interested as well Sourire We NEED at least 7 players Sourire and remember that it is an early morning thing haha

and looking at dates i get the feeling we will miss this year haha
2  ZONES / Australia / Re: Australia/New Zealand Nations Cup Team maybe? on: 26 August 2011 à 09:42:18
maybe the ET site does? seeing as NC is now under 'Top TM2 Leagues' and only 1 nc is on the site, and it now says Tm2 Nations Cup...
3  ZONES / Australia / Re: Australia/New Zealand Nations Cup Team maybe? on: 23 August 2011 à 12:39:30
ok, so ive looked at the ET site, looks like NC wont be a TMN/TMU event anymore, it looks like its been moved into TM2 meaning i WONT be partaking in NC. But from what ive heard, the AUS community has become a mass again in TM2, so i guess we could pull a team together?

but im not sure exactly who is racing in tm2 and would like to do nations cup in the first few months of tm2 been released...
4  ZONES / Australia / Australia/New Zealand Nations Cup Team maybe? on: 06 August 2011 à 02:42:26
Hey Guys,

I have a feeling that this years ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) Nations Cup team will not be participating in ET-NC...

Unless im wrong i've decided to let everyone know it will be coming soon.

Last year Poke one of Australia's fastest and greatest racers was our captain, and i must say did an alright job of it. I recently havent raced with him and im not sure if he would captain for the second year in a row for Australia and New Zealand. Hope that might be something he can post in reply to this thread.

A Little about the event

The Nations Cup is the most famous Trackmania Nations tournament, as it's played with national teams. Represent your country and beat other nations in this TMNF team competition.

Our team last year was quiet decent, but not all turned up for all matches, and some didnt even wake up for a match...

here is last years team:


I know for a fact that all those members WONT be part of the team if we enter again this year, as soem have left Trackmania, like Kwyk.

If your interested in racing for Australia/New Zealand, here is the warning! Its not a casual 7-9pm racing time for us, its normally 5am in the morning. So if your not interested please dont ask to try out for the team. For us to be legit we need at least 7 members to join, with a maximum of 15.

thats just to get you thinking, please take time to look at it and have a think about it, Australia has been apart of Nations Cup since around NC 3 or 4, maybe iven 2, we are up to NC6, so i dont wish australia to back out now.


Edit: Nations Cup is a 5on5 Tech cup....
5  GENERAL / General Talking / Firmus-Gaming now recruiting! on: 20 February 2011 à 06:40:29
G'Day all,

Skip here talking about the new team, Firmus. Firmus is new, really new. We will end up having 2 leaders but at the moment the other leader wont be joining us till a later date Sourire. Firmus was discussed at the end of last year, giving us some time to think about how we will run the team, and what we will do, be competitive or just be social with scrims every so often.

It was decided to do both, while also adding more games to the team in the future. Firmus will be Australian Based. All times for the social side will run on Australian Eastern Standard Time (+10 AEST). The competitive side will run on Central Europe Time (+1 CET)

For more information please contact me at:

To Apply for Firmus:

Leader and founder of Firmus-Gaming
6  ZONES / Australia / Re: Where is everyone!? on: 30 January 2011 à 03:22:13
a couple of them do, sometimes, rarely.

Im still here, just wont be playing due to major laptop problems...

Heatsink and fan, they're deteriorating, hence, more power goes into them, processor works slower when it gets hot so as to avoid overheating, but without the fan working properly, and heatsink not absorbing as much as it can, it's inevitable. Processor also doesn't have as much power because more is being put into the fan.

pretty much, new laptop needed. Im looking at a hp Sourire

Product Code :   XC8830
Packaged Weight (kgs):   3.046
Camera Type:   WebCam
Hard Drive Size:   1.280TB
Memory:   4096MB DDR3 1066MHz (2 Dimm)
Microphone:   Yes
Operating System:   Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
PC Graphics:   ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with 1GB Dedicated Video
PC Optical Drive Type:   LightScribe Super Multi 8X DVDRW with Double Layer Support
PC Processor:   Intel Core i7
PC Processor Speed:   1.6GHz
Screen Definition:   High Definition
Screen Resolution:   1600 x 900
Screen Size (Inch):   17.3
Tuner:   DIB USB TV Tuner DVB-T
Widescreen:    Yes
Wireless:   802.11b/g/n+BT WLAN
7  ZONES / Australia / TM ESWC on: 10 December 2010 à 20:58:37
Hey all,

Look since TMNF is starting to get crap after nadeo making all these freezone servers and mucking people over alot of guys i talk to daily have decided to head back to TMN, its free and well something fun Sourire

Quicklink download

make sure you update and you may need to update the starforce driver which can be done here:
8  ZONES / Australia / Re: Mac vs Windows on: 28 November 2010 à 10:31:53
lol thing is you may as well get linux if your gonna do things a mac does... linux is free mac isnt...
9  ZONES / Australia / Mac vs Windows on: 28 November 2010 à 02:00:18
Its been a big argument for a very long time, which is better? mac or windows.

I personally favor windows, i get more out of it more applications and games. i could go into a lengthy nerdish talk about it all but gonna keep it simple to start it off Sourire

Please vote AND leave a reply on what your favorite is and why Sourire
10  ZONES / Australia / Re: on: 16 November 2010 à 07:25:44
i dont use it much anymore lol
11  ZONES / Australia / Re: NC on: 08 November 2010 à 12:05:20
NC is over and dusted for us this year, with an OK match against russia but 2 no show matches Triste

Im hoping that maybe next year we can get some activness for NC7... maybe even get bigger bunch of guys actually

anyway, well done for who showed up in any matches
12  ZONES / Australia / on: 25 October 2010 à 08:41:02
Hey all,

Well has been release, dont know what it is? well then, i shall explain for ya is a comunity based site, it has taken features from Facebook and put it with the creators of's skills together to create one sexy looking site.

I've created asf a page on there: and just register to the place, learn the rest for ya self

13  ZONES / Australia / Re: Team AUS looking for members on: 24 October 2010 à 11:58:13
Third fact: You have stated that this IS a private clan in which the likes of myself and nighthawk have NO say in its running.
 IF this is the case then you ARE NOT representing the Australian TM comunity and therefore have absolutely NO right to bear the name TEAM AUS.

This is a true fact, there is a Nations Australian Team, which is recruited once every year for the Nations Cup(NC). The captain of the team has changed this year but has been only one captain for past years by one of Australias well known racers cause of this position, stv. The position has been handed to Poke as he is the best in australia for this type of racing.

AUSБ, if you wish for this to be able to take the name "Team AUS" please talk to:

These guys run et-generation, which runs most of the major United an Nations Cup/League races for Trackmania. They host NC and have done for the last 5 years (this year been the 6th)

If you wish for there to be a UC contact one of them guys i mentioned above. If they think it will get somewhere be happy. But right now, since this is a "Private" Team/Clan you dont have rights to "Team AUS". ALSO if you do wish to have this as a United Team only, and do wish to get UC up, please make sure you guys are close to THE TOP!

As kama said earlyer in the thread
Plus we already got a pro AUS team
We rep the country with pride and skill, we wish to not have this dissend onto us.

Sorry to burst your bubble of joy here, but it is all the truth in whats been said by anyone commenting here on the forum.

Clarky (ingame asf|Skip.ANZ)
14  ZONES / Australia / Re: NC on: 12 October 2010 à 06:43:09
Trials this weekend (word from captain himself) no date, or time set Triste
15  ZONES / Australia / Re: [UPDATED] Australian Founded Teams on: 11 October 2010 à 08:08:38
yeah AUS clan sounds odd, since we have a nations cup team already as "AUS"/NZ so yeah...
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