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Title: finally!
Post by: -TSV- ¤TARGΞT¤ on 17 November 2006 à 21:22:29
 :-\ Took a while, and here I am...  Oh yea, Obligitory FIRST POST!!!   MUahahahahahah! :P

Title: Re: finnaly!
Post by: GSNnerofix on 18 November 2006 à 00:05:05
lol second .. but i'm not from Massachusetts .. i was just looking if brookers is here ..  ;)

Title: Re: finally!
Post by: [ATP]Blither on 19 November 2006 à 23:54:45
Hey Mass people!

I'm from Mass originally but have since moved up to Nashua. Still always good to know people from Mass though!.  :D