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Title: Vogzone free Tournaments.
Post by: NoS^.^[nosteam]Bin on 12 April 2007 à 14:57:18
Hi !
Here is an invitation for you ! purpose you 9 Tournaments of TM

1 TMN : Offline on time attack
7 TMU : offline on time attack (1 per enviro.)
1 TMU Freestyle : imposed tricks

You'll got for each tournament 3 maps per season (the season duration is almost 3 month to let to every one the time to do his best, concidering the work and family...)

You can join right now the site, after suscribing just clic on "chose my tournaments" and then chose them !
You can creat your teams on the site too, juste clic on "creat new team".
After the creation think to modify it and add you to the team, then you can when you want, invit friends on it, (player can "ask
 to be recruted on a team" simply by clicking on the TEAM button and then on the Green icone near the team wanted.)

Hope you'll enjoy, Cya and Have fun !